Morocco occupies a relatively comfortable place for tourism on the continental scale, its a part of the top trio with South Africa and Egypt, its also a country that can be visited in any season, but for each season, some regions are more pleasant than others. Coastal cities are ideal when the weather is hot. However, its often interesting to visit a region in off-season: so you can discover other ways of living and other landscapes.

The Moroccan people, being of several origins (Berber, Arab, Andalusian), have a rather diverse appearance.

However, Morocco and its people radiate heat and energy. Its a complex country, at the same time modern and traditional, Arab and Berber, Muslim but liberal,
With Alviajes we will make you discover Morocco with all its splendor throughout the year.

President's words

Its not easy to get an idea of this country so close to Europe by its geography and history. In many books, its a dream country, largely imaginary, which is described through beautiful books with beautiful photos. Others, on the contrary, give us a vision of nightmare through their bad experience.

One way to get to know this country better is to immerse yourself in its abundant culture, often much closer to real Morocco than any journalistic or tourist description.

Between dream and nightmare, there is the Moroccan reality that we invite you to discover by visiting this country. Alviajes will move your vision on Morocco.

Why choose us?

With many sites and agencies offering travel, it’s hard to tell the difference between experts and those who proclaim it. Morocco is always impressive, but the overall quality of your experience depends on the guides and organizers.

To appeal to Alviajes is to find a dynamic and young team, who will make you visit the best Moroccan places with the best quality/price ratio.

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