Between the rivers Bin el-Ouidane

To stay is to exist: but to travel is to live.
Gustave Nadaud

It’s time to turn your back on everyday life and go on a quest for the discovery of southern Morocco, a crusade among the most spectacular to do and redo if you have the opportunity, Alviajes guides you for all the circuit through the most beautiful city in the south of the country.

Located in a scenery of dreams, in the heart of the mountains, Lake Bin El Ouidane spreads over twenty kilometers whose crystal clear waters reflect the beauty of Nature.

These three words “Bin El Ouidane” meaning literally “between the rivers”, a fabulous place where nature challenges any man thirsty for greenery, natural beauty and grandeur.

The lake is a paradise for fishermen. The concentration of wild carp is very important, and very many specimens over 20 kg are regularly fished.

On this immense expanse of water that surrounds the red slopes of Ouaouizeght lake, several water sports are possible, jet skiing, swimming, windsurfing and hunting on the surrounding wooded heights.

the words are not enough to describe the inescapable beauty of this heavenly place, here is a video so you can judge for yourself:

At Alviajes you have the opportunity to go on an adventure and explore all these places and make the most of your time during the trip, with us you will rediscover the real Morocco.

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