Dakhla : The pearl of the Sahara

The happiest moment of a human life is the departure to an unknown land.
Richard Burton

Want to discover the pearl of the Sahara? to marvel at the beauty with light facing the ocean, to feel the softness of fine sand, and the caress of the sun, Dakhla and paradise open throughout the year.

Founded by the Spanish in 1884 under the name of Villa Cisneros, Dakhla, with its fishing port located at the mouth of the magnificent lagoon of the Rio de Oro ensures its visitors an unforgettable holiday.

Land of welcome for the nomads of the desert, this city is a haven of peace, paradise of water sports and sliding.

Like Havana, Canton or Hawaii, Dakhla is located at the end of a peninsula whose great arm of sand lovingly embraces the Atlantic Ocean, to form a calm bay with clear waters 40 km long and 3 to 6 km wide, in which, sand dunes are “foot in the water”.

The city of Dakhla welcomes windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world thanks to various articles published in the biggest magazines, praising the exceptional spots of the region.

Every year, the biggest windsurfers will train there. The water remains at a very appreciable temperature throughout the year. Surfers spend the three winter months there.

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