General conditions of sale

Reservations and confirmations

Orders placed on the Website constitute a firm and definitive commitment, and after confirmation of the said order by by e-mail when the Quotas defined above have been reached if they exist. The registration is confirmed by the payment of 50% deposit on the total amount of the stay. Or the whole thing.

Finality of the order

Orders placed on the Website constitute a firm and definitive commitment, and after confirmation of the said order by by e-mail when the Quotas defined above have been reached if they exist.

Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Order Remittance

Vouchers are only issued electronically within 48 hours of validation of the order by when the Quotas defined above have been reached. It is expressly stated that vouchers sold by may under no circumstances be resold by the customer.

When the Purchase Order is sent to the address indicated by the customer, it is up to him to verify the nature of the Purchase Order sent and, in case of error, to issue reservations, possibly to refuse the Purchase Order, and to inform within 24 hours.

Delivery time of the purchase order

The voucher is delivered to the member within 48 hours, from the time the Quotas have been validated.

The Purchase Order

The value of the Purchase Orders is that in force on the day the order is confirmed by the customer as mentioned in the article above. undertakes to apply this value to any order placed during the period of advertising made for the Purchase Order on the Website. In the event that the Purchase Order cannot be sent via electronic means of communication, the costs of sending the Purchase Order by post will be borne by the customer.
Vouchers can only be consumed during their validity period.
Once the period of validity written on the voucher has expired, the voucher is no longer admissible: it can neither be consumed nor refunded.
Any transfer of vouchers for valuable consideration is strictly prohibited.

Modification or cancellation of the order

Orders being final and irrevocable, any request for modification or cancellation made by the customer is subject to his conditions:

  • More than 30J : Cancellation or free modifications
  • Between 30 days and 20 days: payment of 25% of the order price
  • Between 20 days and 7 days: payment of 50% of the order price
  • Less than 7 days: payments of the totality of the order because the cancellations are impossible.

Methods of payment

A credit card number must be associated with every order placed. Your credit card will be debited upon reservation. The accepted cards are: national blue card, visa cards, mastercard. A confirmation will be sent to you, Or by direct payments on one of our bank accounts.

Validity of the order reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons and more particularly in the case where the quantities ordered are abnormally high compared to the quantities usually ordered by customers as consumers.

Visa formalities

As Alviajes is not concerned by visas, each customer is advised to check with embassies / consulates and to bring all his travel documents before ordering.


Prices may vary without notice according to exchange rate variations, increased transport costs… They do not include formalities (administrative and sanitary), tips, drinks, transfers, excursions, except written mention from us as well as any personal expenses during your trip. All our packages are calculated on the basis of the minimum airfare and accommodation, they are valid, subject to availability. Prices are calculated on the following bases:

Cost of transport linked in particular to the cost of fuel;
Travel season (high or low season) ;
The vehicles used for the trip;
Exchange rate applied to the trip or stay concerned.

Discounts for children & babies

Children and babies benefit from discounts when these are granted by airlines, hotels and service providers. These discounts are based on the rates of each airline and also the accommodation policy of each hotel and service provider.


No insurance is included in our packages. strongly advises you to take out insurance offering you guarantees before, during and after the trip.

Role of the travel agency

The company being only an approved intermediary with airlines on the one hand, hotels and service providers on the other hand, can only assume claims falling under its direct responsibility.

Security and Payments

The information you provide us is protected and is used by our services only for the purpose of making your reservation. All this information can only be modified or deleted by yourself.

Our site and the means of payment related to it are entirely secured by the SSL encryption process. Payments are made through the companies Maroc Telecommerce and CMI specialized in securing Internet payments.

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