Chaouen – Tetouan

Alviajes offers a circuit like no other, a circuit in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen, a charming holy city of the 15th century off the beaten track, in the mountains of Rif A circuit that brings together entertainment, nature, hiking, not to mention The wide variety of colors of different products shops and bazaars contrast with the bluish white dazzling houses. The mix of unknown voices and sounds will guide you to the deepest of your serenity and your joy visit. Départ Group 1 Casablanca: 21h00min Rabat: 22h30min Kenitra: 23h30min Group 2 Meknès: 00h00min Fès: 22h30min Your stay between the blue city Chaouen, the cascades of Akchour, the bridge of god, and Tetouan. Will be your greatest pleasure.
Price per person
3 Days
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